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Patients living in Orlando, Florida and surrounding areas can get advanced and comprehensive health care from the providers at Piñero Preventive Medical Care. They’re excited to accept new patients, and can provide care for every member of your family 12 years of age and older.


Rafael E. Piñero, MD founded Piñero Preventive Medical Care in the spring of 2006. His team consists of Board Certified Family Physicians as well as Family Nurse Practitioners. 


All providers at Piñero Preventive Medical Care specialize in family medicine and preventive health care.

Patients of Piñero Preventive Medical Care find the one-stop office convenient for all of their needs. The practice provides a full range of medical services from routine comprehensive exams to, well woman gynecological exams, urgent care, chronic disease management, and preventive medicine. Orlando-area patients can have all of their diagnostic care including laboratory rapid testing, echocardiograms, ultrasounds, spirometry and electrocardiogram tests performed right in the office.


The entire team at Piñero Preventive Medical Care focuses on educating patients to develop healthy behaviors. Their goal is for all patients to have a lifetime of better health.  Our practice pioneered the caring for members of the LGBT community in Orlando, Florida and surrounding areas. Patients should feel confident that they’re well cared for at this highly skilled and welcoming practice.

Men and women who are searching for non-surgical aesthetic procedures should talk with their provider at Piñero Preventive Medical as we offer various options, including EVOLVE by INMODE® and  SculpSure® body sculpting, Xeomin®, a new botulism derivative, and dermal fillers, like Radiesse® and Belotero® that can dramatically improve a patient’s appearance, giving them a more youthful look. 

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